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About Us

dfi Aging is an innovative, highly effective skincare line scientifically formulated by a world-renowned medical surgeon who has practiced with celebrity and royal clientele worldwide for over 40 years. After realizing the ineffectiveness of many skincare products, he has dedicated 25 years to providing nonsurgical facelifts and impressive nonsurgical skincare solutions. Face it, feel it - setting the beauty scene standard with a new type of skincare, dfi Aging is vanishing the signs of time for people everywhere.

Zeolite, a natural and ancient wonder, is one of the many highly effective, best-kept secret ingredients in the dfi Aging line. Zeolite forms when molten rock from over 200,000 feet below the earth’s surface erupts, resulting in the geologically stunning fusion of volcanic lava and ocean water. This pure mineral features rare, life-enhancing physical and chemical characteristics. Its distinct crystalline structure has a relatively high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium—all known for their anti-aging effects. Zeolite is recognized for curative properties that detoxify, restore pH levels, increase nutrient absorption, soothe irritation and promote well-being. Also a super antioxidant, it helps repair the damage caused by free radicals. For these properties, zeolite is used to treat medical skin conditions such as dermatitis, prurigo and psoriasis. In ancient times, the mineral was used in Chinese, Russian and Ayurvedic medicine and practices to promote overall health and wellness.

Driven by innovation, high-performance ingredients and the pursuit of youth, dfi Aging is dfi’ing the effects of time on skin with skincare products that are good for you—inside and out.

dfi Aging products are:
- Soy Free
- Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- Gluten Free

dfi Aging Products contain:
- NO Parabens
- NO GMO’s

dfi Aging products are recyclable and sold in an eco-friendly bag, which naturally decomposes and completely incinerates without producing any poisonous pollutants.

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